Arraial D'Ajuda , Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Caraiva, Curumbau

At the south of Bahia, Arraial d'Ajuda is one of the most popular beach destinations in Brazil.

Known for its golden sandy beaches and clear, warm sea, it is also a reference in defending and preserving the culture and habits of native peoples, such as the large Pataxós Indian community. Which over time has been mixed in a natural and harmonious way, with people from many different backgrounds. Creating a very peculiar ethnic diversity.

This is reflected in every corner of our region. Where the details are both beautifull and peculiar. 

The holidays here are also a gastronomic trip. You will find everything from Bahian cuisine to its roots, to gourmet restaurants with high gastronomy.

Ideal place to forget about the busy life for a few days and enjoy time passing slowly on our wonderful beaches.

For those who like a little more excitement, Rua do Mucugê and its typical restaurants and bars provided great moments.

Near Arraial d'Ajuda we have the city of Porto Seguro (10 kms), the famous Trancoso (25 kms) with its Espelho Beach (47 kms) and the unique village of Caraiva

(57 kms). Do not miss Recife de Fora and Ponta de Corumbau.

Wonderful vacations await you!

See you soon.

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